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Is an Airbrush Makeup Machine Better Than Traditional Makeup?

Posted on | June 21, 2012 | Comments Off

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Jasmine Sancez

What is the secret behind the flawless, seamless, makeup look of celebrities? Its not
that they all have great skin and just shine naturally, but it is also not something
that is out of reach of everyday folks either. If you asked them, they (may or may
not) tell you that their makeup artist has an airbrush machine for makeup. The time when
this technology is only available exclusively with makeup artists and celebrities is
over. These days with a home edition of airbrush makeup machine you can have a
professionally done look in a jiffy, daily without the help of a makeup professional.

Airbrush makeup machines are not so expensive and will be an asset to add to your makeup box. It will achieve for you the celebrities’ seamless, flawless look. In what way does the airbrush makeup machine operate? It works with a small but powerful air compressor that pushes air into the foundation through an applicator that sprays the makeup onto your face in an easily layered coverage that kisses your skin in gentle jets of air. The smooth layering that is possible with a machine gives you the option to have little or more makeup coverage for problem areas of your face like scars, acne, birthmarks, rosacea, or dark circles around your eyes, without having to cake on makeup.

The best part is that your affordable and compact airbrush makeup machine can be carried with you anywhere and you can have your flawless look in a short while wherever you are. It will give you long-lasting makeup that will not settle down to look heavy; you may look like you are not wearing makeup! Airbrush makeup can be applied light enough to allow natural features of your skin like freckles to show through, giving you a makeup-free natural look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost?
A. There are vary prices for an airbrush makeup machine, however most home systems cost between $170 to $350 depending on the different systems and packages.

Q. Can a machine be used to apply makeup to my body?
A. Yes, you can use it to apply makeup on other parts of the body for a seamless coverage.

Q. Is it simple to use?
Yes, it is very simple, and with a little practice the technique can be mastered giving you the flawless finish in minutes.

Q. Can other makeup be done with the machine?
A. Yes, airbrush makeup machines can be used for application of makeup other than foundations such as eye and lip makeup. This will also depend on the type of machine you purchase.

Ordering an airbrush makeup machine may seem like an extravagance but it is worthwhile because the returns can be experienced every day in a flawless, glowing complexion.

I’m a full time student and live with my husband Brad and 2 year old baby girl Yoli.

We have 2 cats and I’ve always been fascinated with the makeup and beauty industry. I
love to do research on a number of topics, beauty and makeup being my favorite. Dont forget to learn about airbrush tattoo.

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