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Make your own smooth airbrush makeup applications

Posted on | March 11, 2014 | Comments Off

airbrush makeup applications

I think you still enjoy with the smooth airbrush makeup application. But some of them have the hypo-allergenic nature of mineral makeup and don’t worry you still can get the best of both worlds by combining mineral makeup with distilled water to make your own airbrush makeup. The process is quite and simple, you can combine multiple colors of mineral makeup to create a custom airbrush foundation thas is unique to you.

You may need : mineral makeup, fork or wire whisk, jar, glycerin (optional), small cup, distilled water, ball bearing.

And this is the tricks,

  1.  Get your small cup and add mineral makeup powder into. You can mix several shades togheter to create custom color. Keep track of the amount of each color used so that you can make more in the future.
  2. Mix powder thoroghly with a fork or small wire whisk and make sure there are no clumps.
  3.  Add some distilled water into the cup (it may needs five to ten drops) and stir it with the mineral makeup. Use only distilled water because the chemicals in tap water can react negatively with the makeup.
  4.  Continue adding water, five to ten drops at a time, until the makeup reaches the consistency of the cream that you would add to your dough.
  5. Store the mineral airbrush makeup in a tight jar to prevent evaporation.

Tips :

  •  Add up to 25 percent glycerin into the mixture for a smoother consistency. Glycerin is available in most drugstores.
  • Drop a clean ball bearing into the jar and shake it vigorously each time you use it to break up any settled pigment.

this article was inspired from alex smith.

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