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Airbrush Choises

Posted on | May 9, 2012 | 1 Comment

The many forms of airbrush, it will certainly bring a different function or purpose as well. All depends on what you need and what you do. The explanation below may help you to determine the proper airbrush.

Good airbrush will have a mix of external or internal. Incorporating an external mixture of air and paint after they leave the tip of an internal mix airbrush while combining air and paint while they were still inside.

Refers to the trigger action airbrush is used to control various functions and overall spray pattern. If it is a single action airbrush, the trigger will be a good spray paint and air. However, if it is a double action, the trigger will require two motions, one for paint and one for air.

In contrast to the air in an airbrush, which only requires a source of air pressure to work, the paint needs to be fed through before they can be sprayed. Three types of feed used is ‘Gravity Feed’, which ‘siphon feed’ and ‘side feed’.

Gravity Feed – Feed it relies on gravity to pull the cat out of the color space that is usually located at the top of the airbrush. This allows for more precise airbrushing as less air pressure and suction of air is required.

Siphon Feed – Also known as “bottom feed”, he worked on an interesting principle that suck the paint out of the color space is connected, make a color changing fast and easy to do. Siphon feed brush can usually withstand large amounts of paint and therefore the preferred choice for projects on a larger scale.

Side feed – Side feed airbrush is popular to adapt their properties and allow you to work easily in a variety of angles, without obstructing your view.

Airbrush kit
Kit is the ideal solution for individuals who are new to airbrushing because it contains all the basic equipment for a variety of projects including the manufacture of cake decoration, model and craft paper.

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    Hi,Not sure if you already have a ppagotrohher working with you or if your still looking, I’m interested in helping you or if you already found someone to help you I still would like to attend the class. I’m always open to suggestions and tips . Please let me know when the class will be to schedule myself off that day.