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Airbrush Makeup Supplies that you need.

Posted on | March 17, 2014 | Comments Off airbrush makeup suppliesAirbrush makeup is increasingly popular around the world , because of its superiority compared with traditional makeup . Everyone who wants to learn about airbrush makeup must understand what is required . Associated with airbrush makeup supplies , each having a function and usability . An airbrush makeup artist should at least have a portable air compressor , airbrush kit is a set of equipment , and the equipment makeup . Below we will explain one by one tool is needed if you want to become an airbrush makeup artist . It can be your reference to facilitate the understanding of each tool . Be careful not to choose one of the tools that you will use each of your work .

  • Portable Air Compressor. Air compressor is absolutely required by an airbrush makeup artist as it works as an air supply . Airbrush kits will not be able to function if it is not supported by adequate air pressure . Portable air compressor can deliver pressures between 10 to 20 psi , so no need at maintenance , easy to carry anywhere . The main components are the air compressor, the compressor housing, a pistol grip filter and a coiled air hose.

  • Airbrush Kit. The next tool is the airbrush itself. There are many brands and types of airbrushes.  Starting from a single action, double action, gravity feed, side feed and bottom feed. All have their respective advantages. Here I will explain one by one, you can read it here. But I suggest you use a dual action airbrush type. It is up to the gravity feed, side feed or bottom feed customize to your needs. With double action airbrush type, you can easily adjust the gradation of color as you wish. In my experience, the brand is not an issue here.


  • Airbrush Make Up. Airbrush make up is thinner than traditional liquid make up formulations. Airbrush make up is formulated by combining various pigments, resins and solvents. Pigments provide coloring, resins assist adhesion to the skin, and solvents provide quickly evaporating moisture for even flow and application.There is a wide range of tips and tricks if you want to make yourself as airbrush foundation in my article here.


  • Etiquette. When applying airbrush make up, there are a number of rules to follow for proper etiquette. Never airbrush into open eyes, the nostrils or the ear canals. Ask your client to exhale slowly when airbrushing those areas. Also, always point away from the face during application, then move the airbrush into the target area when applying airbrush make up supplies.

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