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Airbrush Reviews on AIRBRUSH QUICK DISCONNECT COUPLER – Airbrush Air Hose Adapter, 1/8″ fittings. For Iwata, Master, Air Pro Tools

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Airbrush Reviews has collect more comments about thisAIRBRUSH QUICK DISCONNECT COUPLER – Airbrush Air Hose Adapter, 1/8″ fittings. For Iwata, Master, Air Pro Tools :

I have 5 airbrushes and am constantly switching back and forth between them depending on the project I am workingon. I have an Iwata PowerJet with 2 hookups but at times it is still a little inconvenient to stop and unhook the airhosefrom the airbrush and or compressor, especially if I have a good pace and rhythm going. I looked at the branded quickdisconnect locally but they were $10 to $15 a piece!

Received these and they hook up nicely all my airbrushes. I have two Iwatas, an Aztek, a Masters and a cheap Chinese knock-off. When I tried to connect a 3rd party hose to the bottom of the coupler I found that I could not get it to screw in more than one turn. That one fit fine direcly into my airbrushes.

I tried the hoses that came with my Iwata and Master airbrushes, even the Chinese one and they fit perfectly!. So be sure to take a coupler with you to the store to make sure the hose fits or at least be sure to buy from the same manufacturer of one that fits.
At first there was a slight hiss indicating an air leak from the coupler but untwisting and twisting the hose coupler took care of that so the o-ring probably wasn’t seated right.

Now I can go faster without so many frequent stops to change the airhose. Highly recommended. I wish they only sold the barb that connects to the airbrush separately was well because you only need one coupler per hose and then you can switch freely between them, but for $7 who cares? ~ M. Aquino “AQ” (The States)~

Hooked it up. The good: the quick disconnect works, and is great when it comes time to clean up. The bad: the connection on the airbrush side didn’t have a solid connection, and leaked air like crazy. After wrapping my airbrush connector threads with a TON of sealant tape (15+ wrap-arounds, anything less still leaked some air) it started working without leaking. The connection directly to my compressor was perfect with a single wraparound.~ Fubeca150~


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