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Airbrush Reviews on Badger Air-Brush Co 250-1 Basic Spray Gun Set

Posted on | May 16, 2012 | Comments Off

Airbrush Reviews has collected comments about Badger Air-Brush Co 250-1 Basic Spray Gun Set:

Buy this airbrush gun if you are looking for something like a refillable spray can for small jobs. Maybe you can also go with Preval, but with this one you can use a pressure regulator, and there’s some adjustment for the spray tip, so you have a better handle of adjusting things.
This cannot spray fine lines at all. Use airbrushes for that.
If you have a large project (furniture, auto body etc.), this is not the best tool, though you can most probably do it if you’re very very patient.

I used this for spraying waterborne lacquer (Target Coating EM6000) on my small musical instrument with a very good result.
Comes with one spray gun, two 3/4 oz glass jars (one with lid, one already screwed into the gun), a plastic air hose, and a valve/adapter used for the canned air (the canned air itself doesn’t come with this set, but there’s another set that come with one).
To use it, obviously you need to somehow connect the hose to your air supply. I bought a Badger 1/4″ compressor adapter to use my teeny weeny Senco PC1010. No problem whatsoever.
I’ve found the canned air thing (Badger Propel) useless. The pressure drops quickly as I spray (the can also gets really cold, which doesn’t help to keep the pressure) and I need to constantly fiddle with the air valve. If  Badger sells a kit with 250 spray, jar(s) and a hose without valve/adapter thing I’d have given 5 stars, but no, I couldn’t find such a kit, so 4 stars.
I use inline paint filter as well as a water separator. ~By kwb~

I have used this air brush gun for almost twenty years for base coating model kits. It’s a terrific little piece of equipment for basic over-painting. I finally wore my original one out and so, I bought this new one to replace it. It’s the same air brush. It hasn’t been “cheapened down” over the years. Like any air brush, it works best with a small air compressor; one that will reliably put out about 40psi. But it is reliable with canned air, too, and it comes with the necessary attachment.
One cannot do detailed work with this brush, it’s strictly for base coating, but it does this very, very well.~By Freddy~


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