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Airbrush T-Shirt using Black tshirt media and Createx Transparent

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 Airbrush T-Shirt is still a lot to be a trend. Most people still use a simple technique, which uses the basic colors of white shirts to ease the process. Indeed, this relatively simple. Do not spend a lot of paint and color will be bright by itself. But there is a challenge if we are wearing a shirt with a black base color. Lots of questions to be explained about the process of making a bright color. The bright colors will we get if we use a white base.

airbrush tshirt airbrushow

This is one of my favorite works. I start by making a basic white color with several layers of application. I did this in order to get the results of a bright white color and a bit thick. At first it’s like to spend a lot of paint. However, we will be satisfied with the result as we expected.

airbrush tshirt airbrushow






The next application is started to add color. This time I used the colors of the transparent Createx Color Paint. This brand is very famous indeed in the world Airbrusher. I’ve been using this product for several years. In the coloring process, I start with the bright colors and end up with a darker color.

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