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Airbrush Tanning without damaging your skin

Posted on | June 2, 2012 | Comments Off

Airbrush tanning

Airbrush tanning  is not a dye. The primary ingredient in the tanning solution works with the amino acids in the top layer of your skin to produce a natural tan exactly like the sun, but without damaging your skin.

Product Features :

  1. Look Thinner
  2. No mess on the hands
  3. Streak-free application
  4. Leaves no orange
  5. Full body tan in 30 mins

This is a great buy….it works better than the tanning booths. It comes with instructions and a video….TIP: use it in the shower to keep from making a mess, then you just have to rinse out the shower. Easy to use, looks like a real tan, will save money, and most importantly, it saves your skin from damage. ~By Jessica~

It’s very easy to use. I love it… it gives a nice beautiful tan, and it doesn’t look orange or “fake” at all.
I had my husband spray me. It’s much easier that way. It took approximately 30 minutes to spray and we used a little over half the bottle on me. The only dislike I have is that the spray solution still sprays out a little when you are not pressing on the stylus. They say that it is only supposed to be air that comes out until you press on it… that’s not true. Therefore, it uses more product than it should… but it’s still a great product overall.
I ordered the kit with deep solution,I ordered tanning stickers too and they came out amazing. From reviews and pictures I thought the system would come and give me a fair tan but it was a dark tan that looked amazing. I have olive color skin and after using the system I looked so dark and I love it. I did however stay sticky on my boobs for a bit longer than I had liked but I also applied A LOT of the solution to places that didn’t seem to be getting dark but it must have been the lighting in mt bathroom? Apply at night and sleep in it,its the best way for best results. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE this Tanning system! ~By JayBump~



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