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Airbrush Tattoos Basic known

Posted on | June 12, 2012 | 2 Comments

airbrush tattoosAirbrush Tattoos as known as temporary tattoos too. They use an airbrush as the media for draw thats non permanent image on the skin resembling a real tattoos. And a Tattos itself is description of our self expression and identification. Just for the example, actors who wish to add to their character’s distinctiveness might take temporary tattos painted on the skin by hand or using stencils as part of their cosmetic ritual.

Airbrush tattoos are applied to the surface of the skin and do no damage the skin. Airbrush Tattoos can made just by placing a stencil to the skin and delivering the tattoo ink or tribal airbrush tattoo paint with an airbrush. The artist can control delicate elements of the temporary tattoo while its being produced, which is more similar to the true permanent tattoo experience.

Airbrush tattoos have been more fans since about 1998 and are largely used in marketing, advertising and the entertainment industry. Untill now, you will cannot say the different the airbrush tattoos and the real one, because they have more constant research and deveopment of airbrush equipment and inks.

Most airbrush tattoos inks/paints are alcohol based. If we want to extend the life of the tattoo, we can applying baby powder several times during the day. And we want to remove them, just applying an oil or alcohol based product. Baby oil, mineral oil and suntan lotion can works too. Or you can use Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) but you should be carefull, because it can dry and irritate the skin.

Many of the artists were fond of art airbrush tattoos. Let’s call him Sas, he is an artist who was painting the art world wrestle airbrush tattoos. He said the success or failure depends on the level of drawing tattoo art science possessed an artist. Until now all of his work has a lot to give satisfaction to its customers. Though he had been a custom motorcycle manufacturer, as well as in making custom xbox 360 using the airbrush.

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