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Best Airbrush that fits our needs

Posted on | June 13, 2012 | 1 Comment

When we are talking which best airbrush can we take, or what kind of airbrush that are the best ? Some people always asking this question. And do yo know the answer? Several people has an opinion that there are all the best airbrush, depending on who’s take and use them. An airbrush will not make a normal person into an instant artist. It doesn’t work that way.

But now, we are talking about best airbrush. If we look from other function, may be this reviews can help you to decide which airbrush you will use.

"Badger 150-4 profesional kit"If  you are a Tshirt airbrush artist you will need a bottom feed airbrush. Why do I suggest you this best airbrush? Because you will work with a large paint. Tshirt work not just only once spray to show the colour. For you to know, I’m a Tshirt airbrush artist too. I used my bottom feed airbrush as well. without confused to change the colors. I already have more bottle with various colors. And for your consideration, Tshirt work only need less than a details. I have used my Badger 150 Profesional for this job. So I thought this is my best Airbrush.

My friend have another opinion, he said that Iwata Hp BC plus is the best airbrush that ever had. This airbrush has a unique design. There is a hole in it, that can open or close to clean up the remaining paint left. This airbrush have 2 types, HpBC1 plus with 0,3mm nozzle and HpBC2 plus with 0,4mm nozzle. HpBC plus is the airbrush using bottom feed like another friend Badger 150 profesional or Badger 155 anthem. And he said, this Iwata HpBC plus help him much to do some work on Tshirt and automotive. Nothing so easy with this best airbrus. It can spray on 20 – 25 psi pressure with soft and fine.

So whats your opinion about best airbrush? Share it to here, and may be it can help our friends who still confused to choose which best airbrush fits their needs.  And dont forget to do custom xbox 360 painting works after you’ve  got your best airbrush !


One Response to “Best Airbrush that fits our needs”

  1. Joke
    July 1st, 2012 @ 2:23 am

    Hey Thomas,We would be able to print out your design on cloth and then limanate the art directly onto the foam and be sealed into the lamination.There are a couple of things you would have to do to get the best results. First you would need to use a high-resolution, mega-pixel camera to capture the image with proper lighting. Second, given the process of surfboard contruction, you would need for your art to bleed outside of the outline of your surfboard. Meaning your design is limanated onto the foam and then the excess is trimmed off to the silhouette of your surfboard. If your design is already trimmed, it is next to impossible to limanate it onto a shaped blank and have it come out looking perfect.So, one option to do in your case, would for us to resize your artwork slightly bigger (around 2″ should be fine) than what your actual board size and then you would have to live with the trimmed off excess of your art.Hope that helps.