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Biography of Luc Boivin as an Airbrush Illustrator

Posted on | January 23, 2013 | Comments Off

There are more Airbrush Artist in this world, one of them is LuLuc_atelierc Boivin. He’s my favorit t-shirt airbrush artist. Born in Ottawa, (Ontario) Canada in 1961. Luc is a self-taught illustrator, His first, and surely one of the biggers, source of inspiration was his grandmother who created oil paintings and pastel illustrations. She often encouraged him in his drawings and constantly asked to see his latest illustration. She thought him, amongst other things, how to observe an object to better understand its shape, shadows and highlights based on any given light source. She thought him to see three dimensional objects in his head.

Luc enjoyed time by himself and derived great satisfaction in drawing evryday objects located within a room. His goal was to draw these objects in the most realistic way possible and he honed his skills by redrawing them more than once. In fact, Luc has been drawing ever since he can remember. For a period of time, up untill the early 1980′s, he was constantly drawing caricatures to amuse himself. It’s at this time that his mother gently asked him the magic question; “What you draw is nice and you have talent. Why don’t you try drawings something else?” Consequently,he attempted his first human illustration drawn in a realistic way. He drew Boyer Coe, a subject found in a magazine, using Prismacolor pencils on a brown Bainbrigde type board. He was so surprised with the result that he had difficulty believing that he had actually drawn this himself. The following day, he repeated a similar exercise with Lou Ferigno on the remaining half of the board. The result was even better than the first one!!! That’s when he realized he had a talent for drawing and illustration.

He continued with this type of illustration for many years without really exploring other mediums. One day, in spring of 2005, he entered a specialized art supply store where a glass cabinet display caught his eye. Inside was a bright shiny chrome airbrush gun complete with its accessories and compressor. What captivated him was, not only the beauty of the objects but, the types of applications in which the airbrush can be used for, especially after having seen a television episode a few days earlier showing an airbrush artist creating some amazing and very detailed graphics on a customized automobile. He continued his research on the internet to familiarize himself with the art of airbrush painting and cam to realize the level of photo-realistic type of painting that is possible to achieve with this amazing tool. He did a lot of reading on the various types of airbrushes available, as well as their uses, paints, techniques, etc. He purchased his first book on the subject shortly thereafter.

He research fired his imagination and inspired him to purchase his first airbrush equipment without ever having tried it. Convinced he would succed, he continued purchasing books and DVD’s showing various airbrush techniques and exercises. He has faced many hurdles and preservered, treating them each as challenges instead of hindrances. That attitude, as wel as his tremendous patience, are his greatest strengths. His ability to visualize the numerous steps required, as well as the final product, has enabled him to anticipate and prepare for potential obstacles. He can literally see himself painting which allows him to plan a more effective approach for each subject.

His passion and his talent for airbrush painting motivates him now to share with others the experience he has acquired during this short but intense period of time, both the good and the bad. this is why Luc now offers airbrush classes for the novice, the beginner as well as the intermediate.


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