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Buy your Airbrush Compressor according to your needs

Posted on | June 18, 2012 | Comments Off

"airbrush compressor"If  you are an airbrusher, what do you think about your Airbrush compressor ? I mean, what do you expect from it? Ok, let’s talk more about this stuff, I am an t-shirts airbrusher. Almost every day and night I make this job using my Airbrush Compressor. And Do you know ? my studio was near my boy’s room. So It can not be a lot of noise. What I am expected from my compressor was little quiet and low noise.

There are various model and type if we are talking about Airbrush compressor. And as we know, if you need your work at home. You should have more compact and silent compressor. airbrush compressor is also widely affect our performance. like myself, we are unable to work at the level of noise. We like to work in a quiet environment. Because this work is in desperate need of care.

Choose your airbrush compressor according to the required pressure. I use Createx airbrush color. This paint works at pressures 40-50 Psi. Try to use the airbrush compressor with a pressure that may exceed the above, because the textile paints usually require a stronger pressure to produce a fine spray. If you will do the detail work, use a lower pressure and use a little paint thinner.

Try to use water to regulate the air pressure regulator on your compressor airbrush. Typically this tool is equipped with a pressure meter on it. It’s useful to get the size right pressure. Airbrush compressor usually will also remove water if the air around you moist. Use the airbrush water filter to reduce the water content. Sometimes when we forget to use a water filter, water suddenly gushing mingled with our cat. It would be very disturbing our work. Especially when we do the work detail.

So,It’s a little explanation if you will choose an airbrush compressor. All based on my personal experience. Maybe you are interested in creating a custom job like my xbox 360. Or would you prefer another job. My message, always use the right airbrush compressor, according to your needs.

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