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Airbrushing Artist Acrylic Colors on Canvas

Why do many artists who incorporate airbrush technique in their works prefer artistacrylic colors when working on canvas? There are several reasons. For one, unlike oilpaint, acrylic paint dries very quickly. This allows the artist to easily work with stencils, masks and shields when developing images. Acrylics are also easy to cleanfrom the airbrush with […]

Drawing for the Airbrush Artist

The reference drawing that the airbrush artist works upon is extremely simplistic in the sense that it consists only of line. No shading is required because it will be applied with the airbrush. Normally, the less pencil work done in the development of an airbrush rendering, the better.

Airbrush Painting Techniques – Anyone Can Learn to Create Fantastic Pictures Using an Airbrush

Learning about airbrush painting techniques is a very educational process. Airbrush painting is so different from other forms of painting, that it really is a learning experience. Mistakes in airbrush painting are very unforgiving. You cannot lay on layers because the thickness gives it a very different quality, and it’s a quality you do not […]

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