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Airbrush T-Shirt using Black tshirt media and Createx Transparent

   Airbrush T-Shirt is still a lot to be a trend. Most people still use a simple technique, which uses the basic colors of white shirts to ease the process. Indeed, this relatively simple. Do not spend a lot of paint and color will be bright by itself. But there is a challenge if we […]

8 Secrets to Being a Successful Airbrush T-Shirt Artist

8 Secrets to Being a Successful Airbrush T-Shirt Artist By Joseph Friel 1. Use a Reliable Compressor. Use a compressor with a holding tank and I suggest having a backup airbrush compressor, just in case there are problems with your primary compressor. I prefer industrial pancake compressors. I only use a silent compressor if noise […]

Biography of Luc Boivin as an Airbrush Illustrator

There are more Airbrush Artist in this world, one of them is Luc Boivin. He’s my favorit t-shirt airbrush artist. Born in Ottawa, (Ontario) Canada in 1961. Luc is a self-taught illustrator, His first, and surely one of the biggers, source of inspiration was his grandmother who created oil paintings and pastel illustrations. She often […]

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