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Airbrush T-Shirts – Learn the Secret to Creating a Killer Airbrush Shirt

1. Use the right Airbrush - This one’s easy. If you’re at all serious about wanting to airbrush t shirts, you have to get an IWATA Eclipse HP-BCS Airbrush. It’s a bottom-feed Airbrush, meaning the Airbrush paint bottle connects directly to the bottom of the Airbrush and is sucked up and pushed out the nozzle by […]

Airbrushing makes a comeback — on camp gear

More than a dozen kids on a recent Thursday afternoon handed T-shirts, tanks, and pajama bottoms to airbrush artist Paul Madonna. His job: to tag their gear with graffiti. “Look at that,” said Ellie Stamps, 9, as she watched Madonna spray-paint E-L-L-I-E in bold, rainbow-hued bubble letters on a tank top at Lafayette Hill’s Down […]

More Than Airbrush T-Shirt

Looking for new things is an activity which I do almost every day. after all this time been in the world of  airbrush T-shirt, I think it is not a boring thing. Increasingly challenged me to produce new works. So far, people still assume that the airbrush t-shirts are the same with silk screen tehniques. They looked at […]

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