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Ceramics Portrait Airbrush

Posted on | March 7, 2014 | Comments Off

Have you ever thought about airbrush ceramics ? . A time when leisure , I like to help mothers organize kitchen furniture . Not intentionally eyes fixed on a ceramic plate that has not been arranged in stacks of boxes . This plate is plain, there is no picture or decoration . My idea appears to give an illustration . To further the process of making I will explain below .
1620504_605080899584607_980582350_nFirst we prepare a plain white ceramic plate . For better results the dishes should be washed first in order to clean the oil from the former . Then prepare the image that we will create the illustration . Incidentally here I want to draw a face . So this plate would be ” Portrait Plate ” by dalphinez .
I usually use a stencil to paint a portrait. Because this trick is easier for us to get the results as closely as possible . Once the photos are ready , then we prepare the stencil . We cut the parts that are important . Starting from the eyes , nose , face shape , etc. . OK , the image is ready to be applied on the plate .
Prepare airbrush , paint and of course whatever color you want. Do not forget to always keep your airbrush tools to get excellent results . Attach the stencil that had been made ​​to the ceramic plates . It is time we started to make patterns with subtle color . Thin pattern is very helpful once to make the image look more alive . The plate is ceramic I would make the picture black and white portrait.
Image is ready , now you can give a coating n a ceramic plate portrait to be strong and not easily scratched images . The function of this coating very much at all . In addition to making beautiful images as a protective plate can also result image . Besides this coating makes your pictures as if fused with ceramic plates you . So thank you .1796514_605080789584618_424043011_n


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