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Considerring Airbrush makeup for wedding

Posted on | March 21, 2014 | Comments Off

airbrush makeup for weddingEvery people still confused about using airbrush makeup or traditional makeup for wedding.  And this is some problem they had.  This case was ask by Claire, she recently had a makeup trial.  She  heard from other people that using airbrush makeup are much better for all these reasons like,  it wont feel caked on, will last the whole day, tear proof etc and etc. She was happy with the way her makeup looked and she have since booked them, although she felt the eyeliner was to much.

At her trial, she did her makeup first and then her hair. By 4:00 in the afternoon she noticed her blush (which was airbrushed on) was coming off – not just fading off but almost peeling off. She told the lady who did it and told her that maybe conventional makeup would suit her skin better. The lady assured her that it must have happened when the hairspray was sprayed on her hair. That it mus have gone onto her makeup and therefore, over time has made the blush come off. And she told her that it would be ok on the day if they did her hair first and then the makeup.

She isn’t convinced that airbrush is the way to go but she cant afford to have her do another trial to see how conventional makeup will look. And she wouldn’t be game enough to just tell the lady to do it on the day without trying it first.

In this Claire case, some expert have some answer. Michelle Larner is a Professional NYC makeup Artist. She said There are two types of foundation that are used in the airbrush machine. One is waterbased, the other is silicone. Sounds like the lady used silicone. Michelle have only worked with water based herself, and she only used it for the foundation, not for any other area (such as blush or eyeshadow) for the reason that she don’t like to layer wet on top of wet.

She said that “If you are happy with your airbrush foundation, still use it, but switch to a non airbrush blush, powder or cream.”

Michelle has tips, she like the Bobbi Brown Cream blushes. Powder Pink is a great shade for everyone. But she don’t know if this is compatible with silicone makeup, if thats what she used. Or it was a case of not letting the foundation set, before she sprayed on the blush and they dried together in a thick layer. Kind of like putting on too much nail polish and its too thick.

I hope this article can ask for some confused choise…  good luck !


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