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Getting start airbrush cake

Posted on | September 16, 2013 | Comments Off

Recently, airbrush art growing rapidly. One of them can be applied to the airbrush cake art . Indeed coloring using the airbrush to facilitate our work.

But if we want to airbrush the cake can not be arbitrary.

Paint that we use must also comply with health standards. Paint for a hobby is not fit for use for airbrush cake. Although it is written that it is non-toxic paint. Always use a special paint for cake.
Similarly, the airbrush cake tool. Buy in store cooking equipment, not the hobby shop. Because it can be a tool sale is completely different. Indeed if you go to a hobby shop you will get a cheap tool, but not necessarily meet the hygienic standard of health.

To start coloring the airbrush cake, try to do it clean. The trick, Cover cake with a sheet of clean paper. Create a pattern before you start coloring. If you want a clean, use a airbrush stencil. You will be able easily to acquire color without having to fear dirty.
If you start spitting airbrush, the possibility of starting nozzle dirty. Or it could be said, is in the airbrush cake paint starts to dry. Clean first with soaking into hot water. This way you can do each time you change the color.
Decorate your cake with a variety of decorations. This will make your cake look more beautiful.
So a few tips to get started airbrush cake, may be useful and good luck!

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