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My Airbrush Compressor Choise

Posted on | April 26, 2012 | 1 Comment

After all this time looking for the right airbrush compressor, I finally found as well. Indeed, so many brands and types of compressor that you can find in the market. But of course you will also find it difficult to determine who is right for you.

For more details, I am currently working on T-shirt airbrush. Textile paint is thicker than the laquer paint or the like. So your airbrush compressor takes more pressure to produce a fine paint particles on the airbrush. Paint I use is a product of  CREATEX that works on about 60 PSI or around 4 pressure bar. If  your airbrush compressor can not deliver a constant pressure with the size of the above, of the image you are also less than satisfactory.

At first, I use a single  piston type airbrush compressor. For detail work, the compressor is really very helpful. But the job requires me to make out the larger than usual. My brain is spinning to get more pressure like that I would expect. Starting from a large tube in hopes of adding the stored air will give a stronger pressure. but this way it is less successful because of the slow process of filling the air so it does not meet the quota. I finally decided to buy a new airbrush compressor with the pressure and filling a stronger and faster.

My choice fell on twin cylinder  piston airbrush compressors . With the specification as follows:

1. Type : Twin cylinder Piston airbrush  Compressor with air tank.
2. Power 1/4 Hp.
3. Air Output : 35 -40 L/minute
4. Safety valve
5. Air tank 3,5 L
6. Pressure adjust range 0,2 – 6 Bar.
7. Auto Release and restart function
8. Constant pressure and Zero Pulsation.
9. Double Switch, Switch 1 -> Auto stop at 4Bar, switch 2 -> Max Pressure at 6 Bar.

This Airbrush Compressor is very supportive of  my work. Pressure can be regulated, so that regardless of the pressure that I need can be met.


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  1. Evandra
    April 26th, 2012 @ 3:19 pm

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