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Getting start airbrush cake

Posted on | September 16, 2013 | Comments Off

Recently, airbrush art growing rapidly. One of them can be applied to the airbrush cake art . Indeed coloring using the airbrush to facilitate our work.

But if we want to airbrush the cake can not be arbitrary.
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Airbrush stencil makes your job easier

Posted on | September 16, 2013 | Comments Off

Airbrush stencils  often we need if we want to create a custom image or uniform. A variety of airbrush stencils already widely available and commonly sold. But not all airbrush stencils  according to our needs. Sometimes we need other forms to help create an image.
I myself often use airbrush stencils to help create an image.In order to comply with the wishes, I am willing to make my own airbrush stencils. Chance to make a straight line including the rather difficult for those not familiar.
Create airbrush stencil can be done in a simple way. For example if we want to make a realistic flame picture, then what we need is a stencil is shaped as follows:

very easy way, grab a paper and create a pattern based on the image above. Then cut using a cutter in accordance with the pattern. A little bit thick paper very well to make a stencil, because it can be durable when we use to draw.
Similarly, if you want to draw other shapes. Simply by making patterns on paper and cut.
It is true, if you want a good picture, airbrush stencil really help our work. In addition to accelerating the process of making pictures, Airbrush Stencils also help us create the perfect image.

Another function of airbrush stencils that is also a mask or shield for the results of ourairbrush spray more cleaner. Often we get results that are less satisfactory when we createan image. Moreover, if the image requires precision and must be made in detail.

Here is more AIRBRUSH STENCIL selection :

Prevent condensation in the airbrush compressor

Posted on | September 16, 2013 | Comments Off

Airbrush Work is fun. However, we often experience problems when the water begins to flow through the airbrush hose involved. This is very disturbing. I have been thinking about this. Various experiments have been conducted and the result is still zero. airbrush compressor Read more

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