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Prevent condensation in the airbrush compressor

Posted on | September 16, 2013 | Comments Off

Airbrush Work is fun. However, we often experience problems when the water begins to flow through the airbrush hose involved. This is very disturbing. I have been thinking about this. Various experiments have been conducted and the result is still zero. airbrush compressor
Many opinions say that the process of condensation can be tricked by giving external fan on the compressor body. Besides the addition of the tube can also help reduce condensation process.
At first, I try to make a simple tube of PVC used pipe . And how is slightly more effective for reducing the water spit from the airbrush. I then add a moisture trap after the tube, so the hose airbrush quite dry.
In this way only last until about 1 hour, after that spit water back through the airbrush. I try to think harder. Trying to find the literature about the process of condensation. Does it really condensation? Condensation is the process of change in the form of a gas into solid form. This is caused by differences in air temperature or pressure. Where are we talking about now is changing the process gas (air) into water.
The process of condensation that occurs in compressors for air that has been compressed so that the water molecules together into one. After that water had collected go wasted out through the hose airbrush. I think that the type of water is heavier than oil. Incidentally, I still keep the liquid lubricant. I spray the glass wall  moisture trap slowly. It turned out that my theory is almost closer to the truth.  Water locks on the bottom  moisture trap  glass. Now I’ve freed  and my method is still used today. Some readers may be more perfect again, please share it here.

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