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Make your own smooth airbrush makeup applications

I think you still enjoy with the smooth airbrush makeup application. But some of them have the hypo-allergenic nature of mineral makeup and don’t worry you still can get the best of both worlds by combining mineral makeup with distilled water to make your own airbrush makeup. The process is quite and simple, you can […]

The airbrush makeup artist perspective about Airbrush makeup vs. Traditional.

This is the journal from Amelia C. She is a Hair and makeup Artistry. She has wrote her article about Airbrush makeup vs. Traditional from makeup artist perspective. And here’s her letter… I wrote an article just like this about five years ago, at the height of my anti-airbrush parade. I stormed up and down […]

How to clean and maintenance Airbrush makeup systems

Airbrush makeup course we’ve heard . many who want to learn about airbrush makeup . Lots of tips and tricks that teach , both offline and online on the internet . However, we often forget about our activities after treatment airbrush makeup . Here we will explain , there are actually two notions of care […]

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