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More Than Airbrush T-Shirt

Looking for new things is an activity which I do almost every day. after all this time been in the world of  airbrush T-shirt, I think it is not a boring thing. Increasingly challenged me to produce new works. So far, people still assume that the airbrush t-shirts are the same with silk screen tehniques. They looked at […]

Airbrush Reviews on a Skull T-shirt

This time, airbrush reviews trying to show another form of excess airbrush. as we know, airbrush is very prominent in providing a touch of gradation. It’s so smooth. Dalphinez already draw a skull on the shirt. He just using black and white colours, Black and white is already explained about the existence of a 3D […]


Airbrush been increasingly used. But many people who do not know each use of this airbrush. This time Airbrush Reviews will try to review the types of airbrush that is often encountered today. There are many different types of airbrush. Starting from a single action or double action. Single action means that the airbrush is just have […]