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What is suitable compressor for airbrush makeup ?

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Every people often ask about a good airbrush compressor for makeup . Actually there are a lot of forms and models of compressors . All depends on the needs . If you work for painting vehicles , automatically you will need a compressor with high pressure and large capacity . However, If you are a handyman who loved hobby like painting airbrush , the compressor you need not need for vehicle painting workmanship . Enough with the small compressor that can produce the required pressure .

Airbrush only requires a maximum pressure of 60 psi and generally only use a pressure of about 40-45 psi . It’s already a standard pressure . The pressure that is too high is not good also for your airbrush equipment . For makeup airbrush pressure required is also around 25-35 psi . So you’ve got the ideal pressure for a compressor that you need. Now you are able to determine the model you want .

Here are some reviews about the different kinds of compressors according to your needs  :

Iwata-Medea Studio Series Smart Jet Single Piston Air Compressor

  •  airbrush makeup compressor1/8 hp1-35 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • Mounted fully adjustable air-pressure gauge
  • Moisture filter prevents pulsation
  • Bleed valve airflow adjustment to lower air pressure
  • Compressor shuts itself off automatically when not in use

Some things to know:

  1.  The Iwata Smart Jet comes with two hoses, but the coiled hose is to connect from the compressor outlet to the gauge/dryer inlet. The coiled hose provides some air accumulation and filters out the pulses from the compressor. The second, straight hose connects the dryer outlet to your airbrush. The dryer outlet is a standard 1/4″ pipe thread but doesn’t seem to be tapered. See item 4 below.
  2. Iwata hose-end products all use the standard 1/8″ air connections. Included with the Smart Jet are three adapters to connect to Badger, Paasche and Aztek airbrushes. BTW, the Paasche adapter fits my Binks Wren.
  3.  The compressor starts and stops instantly and does not “walk” during operation, startup or shutdown.
  4. Iwata hoses and fittings all use O-rings. This means all fittings seal finger tight. But if you connect to non-Iwata products that expect tapered pipe thread connection you’ll employ quite a few wraps of teflon tape to get a good seal. I discovered this when connecting a Home-Depot standard quick disconnect to the 1/4″ compressor output.

I use the Smart Jet for the bulk of airbrush work, using the Cyclone only when I need the extra volume. To facilitate easy compressor and airbrush changeout, I utilize 1/4″ quick disconnects at the compressor end of all my hoses, and Iwata 1/8″ quick disconnects at the airbrush end.

Bottom line is if you want a quiet, compact compressor for airbrushing, get this unit. airbrush makeup compressorAirbrush Kit Compressor Air Brush Decorating Nail Hobby

  • Suitable for airbrush dia 0.2~0.5mm (ideal for make up, cosmetic and so on)
  • Auto stop function. Start at 15 psi and Stop at 25 psi.
  • It will turn off automatically when the power over heat and reset after the motor cool down.
  • Automatic On/Off function for safe use. # One On/Off Switch for easy use.
  • One 6 Ft Air Hose with air proof rubber for connecting air compressor and air brush easily.

For getting back into airbrushing, This Is A Nice Set. Good compressor, nice Brush, and a Quality hose. The dual action trigger is a charm to work with, (especially if you are only used to signal action) airbrush makeup compressorIwata-Medea Studio Series Silver Jet Single Piston Air Compressor

  • It features working pressure adjustable from 10-18 psi
  • Includes a 6′ coiledHigh strength polyurethane airhose
  • Includes an Iwata Pistol-Grip Filter
  • Pressure adjustment knob
  • Has pressure gauge and convenient airhose connector

Fabulous quiet compressor perfect for make-up application.  Other artists have bought compressors from companies like Harbor Frieght tools and by far for make-up artists this is the best and it is not ugly which helps those who work in a salon and want a cosmetically appealling compressor that does the job. Set the compressor about 5psi for layered coverage wonderful.

 Here is more   AIRBRUSH MAKEUP COMPRESSORS selection :



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